Parking meters

We were all so busy revisiting Y2K anxiety, we forgot to pay attention to the computer glitch right in front of us.
Police in Rutherford, New Jersey say someone has been sticking razor blades in parking meter coin slots. It's good to have a hobby!
No longer will one frantically trying to remember when your meter is up.
Why waste money hauling all those meters away when you can just turn them into bike racks?
Because it worked so well for Chicago, New York is once again looking into making our parking meter system private. But we'd do it differently! They swear!
The city's looking for "an appropriately qualified vendor in the memorabilia, surplus, auction, and scrap field" to manage the sale of the meters.
Pour one out for the single-space parking meter, its days are numbered.
After registering online, "drivers will simply use an app or text message to enter the number of the meter they are parking at, and the amount of time they wish to purchase."
The DOT will collect $679 million this year from the meters (that's 2,716,000,000 quarters!) and merchants believe that the rates are high enough as is, and to raise them any higher would hurt their business.
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