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Why waste money hauling all those meters away when you can just turn them into bike racks?

Now the rule of the road when it comes to MuniMeters is simple: "you buy the time, you get to use it."

Is the video below—in which a disgruntled driver cuts down a parking meter with a chainsaw—real or fake?

Pour one out for the single-space parking meter, its days are numbered.

The hourly cost of parking in Queens, Staten Island and Manhattan north of 96th Street goes up today.

(via ryan muir's flickr) Yes, New York City could use a

Even though alternate side parking remains suspended today, parking meters are

Heavens! Free Sunday parking may be ending on the Upper West

Ryan Muir's Flickr With the rest of the budget looking bleak,

Just five more minutes, Dad! protested NYC drivers sick of expensive