Parking garage

"People can get used to anything, and I think that's what they're counting on."
He reportedly fell 50 feet.
"Fashioned from the top floor of a former 1910 parking garage, it is designed to be a sanctuary from city life, quiet, serene and self-contained."
It happened last week.
Yesterday, it was reported that the driver of the Lexus RX 350 that plunged five stories and nearly crushed another worker will not face charges, despite driving with a suspended license.
This morning the FDNY responded to a freak accident at a parking garage on the Upper East Side, where a car fell down an elevator shaft with the driver inside.
Isayah Muller (via Facebook) Days after high school football star Isayah
Andre Muller in court (WCBS 2) Police Commissioner Kelly spoke out
Photo via IrishNYC's flickr New York City may be the nation's
Bill Terrell via the Daily News A parking garage at a
Former governor Eliot Spitzer is really working on the next chapter
An attendant at a parking garage at University and 12th Street
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