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The RPA suggests public roadways and parking spots could be used for green infrastructure — such as rain gardens, green streets that break up paved roads with verdant medians, and permeable pavement — to trap excess rainwater.

Under guidelines currently being drafted, outdoor dining structures must be easy to disassemble, moveable to allow snow removal and utility work, and not be enclosed. On top of that, restaurants will have to begin paying fees to use public space for the structures.

"We're about to make the biggest change to alternate side parking in the last two decades: New Yorkers only have to move their cars once a week."

We were all so busy revisiting Y2K anxiety, we forgot to pay attention to the computer glitch right in front of us.

'It’s not only illegal, it’s totally obnoxious.'

If you ask an economist, they’ll point out free street parking has never really been free.

Council Speaker Corey Johnson wants to repurpose street parking for at least 30 miles of new bus lanes per year, with physical separation from other traffic and camera enforcement to keep out cars and trucks.

Now that the full L train shutdown plan appears to be dead in the water, some are asking why the bike lanes need to stay given the changed circumstances.

Video appears to show the driver skirting the complex parking laws of the city by simply removing the parking sign.