Parker posey

While celebrating the 20th year anniversary of the movie, Linklater revealed he didn't want that Led Zeppelin song.
Famous people read 1000-page magnum opuses, too! And they'll read them on stage for you to enjoy!
Broken English (directed by Zoe Cassavetes) The pressure on a first time
Flags of Our Fathers Letters From Iwo Jima (directed by Clint Eastwood)
If things have seemed quiet at the usual New York haunts of
Last summer, audiences fell hard for Owen Wilson's aging frat boy with
In "Sex and the City," the ladies fall for the pretzel guy
Filmmaker/writer Rhys Southan presently resides in Brooklyn and has one goal in
Gothamist is so excited about the Museum of Modern Art's Christopher
The new hit off-Broadway production by the New Group of Hurlyburly is
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