Park slope rapist

A group of dog-walking neighbors in Windsor Terrace are banding together to patrol the subway stops in their neighborhood with their four-legged friends.
A bike-riding groper is currently on the loose in Brooklyn.
A source tells the Post, "It’s gone from bad to worse" for the cops. "Now the next person they arrest, the credibility of the victim will be under a microscope."
The guy arrested for allegedly grabbing a woman's breasts, exposing himself and masturbating in Park Slope's 7th Avenue subway station has gotten off.
Police say that they thought the suspect, who was "skulking around" Windsor Terrace, was going to break into a car.
With the scumbag or scumbags behind a string of sexual assaults in South Brooklyn still roaming the streets, more women are getting ready to defend themselves.
Police say a number of subway station gropings in Brooklyn are related to the disturbing sexual assault pattern.
A woman was sexually assaulted in Windsor Terrace last night, not far from where another woman was attacked Sunday night. The NYPD is now offering a $12,000 reward.
The man arrested for allegedly groping an 18-year-old woman in Sunset Park Monday night has reportedly confessed to police, and apparently he's wanted for a similar incident in Chinatown in 2007.
Police say they've arrested the man who groped a woman in Sunset Park Monday night, but it's unclear if the man is responsible for any of the other sexual assaults.
There was another sexual assault in Sunset Park last night, but it doesn't fit the pattern, according to investigators.
Police are now saying that a sexual assault in Windsor Terrace last night is connected to some of the other attacks in recent months.
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