Park slope food co op

"If someone dies, someone on the shift will sometimes tape up a thing saying 'Oh, John passed away,' and you see it and you wonder, oh was that the guy..."
A proposed phaseout on plastic roll bags is set to tear the Park Slope Food Co-Op in half along the perforated line.
It's like the DMV, if the DMV were a Kafkaesque nightmare with 78% cacao chocolate bars.
Adrian Grenier shows off his purchase at Greene Hill (Greene Hill
Is Adrian Grenier a Park Slope Food Co-op slacker?
After last night's vote on boycotting Israeli products, many Park Slope Food Co-op members seemed relieved to put the whole thing behind them.
No media or outsiders were allowed into last night's heated Park Slope Food Co-op meeting about boycotting Israeli products. We had someone on the inside to bring you this close-up look at the circus.
Public Advocate Bill DeBlasio is defending your right to buy seltzer, matzo and kosher goodies imported from Israel at the Park Slope Food Co-op.
The Park Slope Food Co-op held its monthly members meeting yesterday, and it was an epic night all about biodegradable bags, the culture of criminalization, and "fascist food."
When it comes to the potential ban on Israeli products at the Park Slope Food Co-Op, everyone has an opinion. Even former Fox News host and current internet talking head Glenn Beck.
After years of debate the issue of banning Israeli products at the Park Slope Food Co-Op is finally coming to a vote. Well. A vote to decide if it should come to a vote.
For years now, some members of the Park Slope Co-op have been calling for a ban on Israeli products. Others call that anti-Semitism. There ain't no fight like a Park Slope Co-op fight!
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