Park department

Since the ban went into effect in 2011, only 440 tickets have been issued 90% (or 397) in Manhattan, 17 in Brooklyn, 15 in Staten Island, eight in the Bronx, and one in Queens.
Illicit second-hand smoke isn't the only thing you need to worry about when enjoying New York City's fine park system. Falling tree limbs remain a danger!
The city is working out a contract to inflate giant bubbles
New York's about to get a lot shadier. According to the NY
Photograph of sledders, inside Prospect Park on the long meadow Convince
Alley Pond Park, the second biggest park in Queens, has a new
This morning's NY Times article about some very high-ranking city officials who
The body of a livery cab driver and his livery car
Canal Park, a Parks Department project started in 2003, will be opened
The City Parks Department contacted Gothamist to set the facts straight
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