Paris attacks

"Let's remember that terrorism cannot prevail if the people refuse to be terrorized."
They significantly stepped up its counterterrorism efforts following January's Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris.
They've been waiting to come to the States for three years.
He also thinks Governor Christie's comment is "an embarrassment to this country."
Colbert thanked the French for "my favorite way of kissing."
John Oliver took full advantage of the linguistic freedoms afforded by HBO last night.
Mourners will gather in Jackson Heights, Washington Heights, and Carroll Gardens.
Police are concentrated around stadiums and theaters.
Cecily Strong delivered a brief, emotional message in both English and French during the subdued cold open.
City Hall's clocktower will be lit in blue, white and red, which are the colors of the French flag, as well.
"I know not much is known right now. We do know there have been many deaths and the crisis is still ongoing."
The Empire State Building went dark in sympathy for Paris.
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