Start getting your best "Pirates Of Penzance" cosplay outfit together, because the 39th Annual Mermaid Parade is happening September 12th.
"I want my son to know what I do matters, and what all these people do matters."
The parade would have brought around 250,000 marchers and 1-2 million spectators to the streets of Manhattan during a pandemic.
Pride Month culminates this weekend with many celebrations.
CoJo, who recently quit smoking, catches some serious air.
We're left wondering about the necessity of the event being a "world record." Surely world records are set every second in New York City: longest subway toenail clipping (single session), etc.
Given the elusiveness of "victory" in the war, the country's enduring turmoil, and the current war in Afghanistan, should there be a parade for the veterans of the Iraq War?
The parade will feature Coast Guard vessels, yachts, fireboats, and oodles more boat-porn for your pleasure.
It's time to dust off the 'ole giant pink human colon costume: the annual Veggie Pride Parade is taking place tomorrow in Manhattan!
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