After two years of celebrating virtually, the 16th annual Dance Parade returned to in-person festivities this year.
The new event will join the ranks of the St. Patrick's and Puerto Rican Day parades.
The 150-year-old tradition made its glorious return to Fifth Avenue Sunday.
After a pandemic pause for two years, thousands of revelers, including Mayor Eric Adams, came back to celebrate.
"I've wanted to come to the Thanksgiving Day Parade ever since I saw that movie Spider-Man."
While some cheered, others were critical of the parade: "This is how they show us they have love for us? Are you serious? We still have to pay the bills."
The NYPD has announced plans for heavy security and a heightened police presence at the annual J’Ouvert celebration.
Wet weather turned Holi's colored powders into paint.
The parade happened a day early this year.
Happy Halloween, here's how to attend or avoid the annual Greenwich Village Halloween Parade, plus more spooky tips to really bring the frights.
Baby Trump is crawling toward New York City.
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