'Pants look very nice on some women but they do not belong in a restaurant any more than swimming suits. We will continue our policy: no pants.'
"Ladies should be dressed as ladies," said one restauranteur.
A Pennsylvania man whose estranged wife allegedly attempted to castrate him survived a brush with life as a eunuch thanks to his thick jeans.
The 13th annual No Pants Subway Ride is set to kick off (all the pants) at 3 p.m. this afternoon.
Or this guy, anyway.
Part sweatpant, part MC Hammer pant: can Zubaz really make a comeback in the Age of the Megging?
Cast your vote: should women wear tights or leggings as pants?
Even nanny states have to draw the line somewhere, and for hizzoner that line seems to be somewhere below the sag.
A witness told the responding officer what Duncan had done, and when confronted, she denied it. This sort of flirtation worked brilliantly in 5th grade, but the technique does not age well.
Photos via Bowery Boogie Looks like Lady Gaga's really come out
In case the bazillion photos were not enough, there's finally some video
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