"It was madness. There were twice as many people as you would usually expect. Tensions were high. People were wearing masks."
Barnard said that the dean's email to the student was "neither appropriate nor acceptable."
"We need to stand up and say we are New Yorkers here and we are equal. The illness is a disease no one wanted."
The transit authority concluded that someone had broken into the conductor cab, accessed the PA system, and made the phony announcement to create mayhem.
'We just hear 'pop, pop, pop'.... I thought that somebody just came in and started shooting people.'
Everything is fine.
Meteorologists say it's too early to speculate, but it's never too early to start worrying.
This week's question comes from a New Yorker who's a little freaked out following that Bedford Avenue L train panic from last weekend.
'I just swam for my life right there, just dreading the moment the shark was gonna pull me in and suck me in.'
One commuter described it as "a mass evacuation with people screaming and stampeding and the police are rushing to the scene."
Attendees fled the arena, apparently worried there was a shooter.
Flights were diverted, between 300 to 400 police officers were deployed to the scene, and TSA agents abandoned their posts.
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