"It crosses the line when our trusting park visitors are touched or their paths are blocked."
This week's question comes from a New Yorker who is worried about the welfare of a child in the custody of a panhandler.
The desnudas were in full force yesterday afternoon.
It's one way his new task force might address the topless, painted women and costumed characters in Times Square.
Too bad the First Amendment is a "thorny area."
A prescription for ending homelessness, panhandling, squeegeeing, and all the rest of it.
Eddie Wise's money went to his friends, family, drugs, and Chinese takeout.
A state law against loitering has been ruled unconstitutional three times since it was passed in 1965, but the city has continued to enforce it. Now it's going to cost taxpayers $15 million.
While there is a law against aggressive panhandling, what Hardeman is doing is "clearly constitutionally protected," her attorney says.
Flickr user wonggawei There's nothing that necessitates a drink more than
One of everyone's two favorite marijuana enthusiasts, Willie Nelson, was arrested
Anahi Decanio's Flickr A state law against loitering has been ruled
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