New pancake just dropped in the West Village.
At least a hundred people were waiting on line Friday to get a taste of fluffy Japanese pancakes at the grand opening of Flipper’s.
It’ll be a mob scene for sure, but the space is actually really pretty and the pancakes are delicious.
These impressively light, sweet treats are only available on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and only for three hours each day. Needless to say, there is a line.
Diners are amazing, but what if you didn't have to travel to chow down on pancakes and egg sandwiches?
You can snag a free short stack but be prepared for the charity sales pitch.
The infamous brunch line might be getting a little less insane.
"Then it was smells, sometimes I smelled coffee, other people smelled bacon," an 86-year-old Union Square local said. "They installed this behemoth to combat it, but the noise from that has been much worse."
Sweet, a new place to drown pancakes in gelatinous corn syrup mislabeled "maple" is opening in the West Village!
The West Village IHOP will be the city's third location, with another outpost in Harlem and a super bacon-scenty spot in the East Village.
Yesterday we told you where to get mediocre pancakes for free. Today we tell you where to get excellent pancakes for money.
Is the air just pre-gaming for tomorrow's National Pancake Day?
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