Pale male

It turns out the 58-year-old Johnson had at least one definite hobby: he was an avid bird watcher, who spent much time in Central Park tracking the red-tailed Hawks.
Spare the rat, spoil the hawk? New York's unending rodent problem turns out to not be a great thing for our city's returning raptor population.
When celebrity hawk Pale Male's mates go missing or die, it makes the news. And, in the case of Pale Male's latest late lover Lima, the guy who made the discovery gets arrested?
via NYDaily Photo Ever since Lola walked out on him (or,
Photo via Urban Hawks Recently Lola flew out of her long
A juvenile red-tailed hawk (Rand Russell). Since Pale Male's girlfriend Lola
Pale Male (via Lola and Pale Male, Manhattan's most famous
After yesterday's funny post about the hawk who flew into an East
Two New Yorkers whose sex lives have been an open book are
Gothamist reader luzer took some arresting, very "Wild Kingdom"-like photographs of
The saga of red-tailed hawk Pale Male on Fifth Avenue continue!
Reader Spencer sent us these photographs of a red-tailed hawk who
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