Here's one small, very fixable thing: why are they painting subway stations during rush hour?
Nothing a fresh coat of paint can't solve!
Does anyone want to get some nail polish remover and help the MTA out?
When using the subway system, please take only memories, leave only footprints.
An online auction is selling off surplus paint used on the city's bridges... and so much more.
Here's video of Andy Warhol "painting" Debbie Harry on a computer in 1985, at Lincoln Center!
The Guggenheim has a can of paint to sell you.
Usually the animal activists are the ones tossing the red paint,
Claire Danes is probably pining for the days she had to
The '80s are back! Or at least that's what the Brooklyn
In what would have been a travesty to end all travesties,
The budget art supply store Pearl Paint is closing some of
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