Paid sick leave

"This is a great day for me because I get to go back to my job and earn money I need to support myself and my family."
It's not the first time the espresso company has come under fire for labor law violations
American Airlines is facing a lawsuit from the city for allegedly retaliating against employees who attempted to take paid sick leave.
Today marks the first day of city-mandated sick leave laws.
The expanded bill will grant about 355,000 more workers paid days off for when they are ill.
"This is going to be one city, where everyone has a shot and rises together," de Blasio declared.
The City Council overwhelmingly voted to override Mayor Bloomberg's veto of a bill requiring employers to offer paid sick leave.
Bloomberg says paid sick leave will ruin everything, almost.
"Making life fairer for all women seems more important than breaking a barrier for one woman," Gloria Steinem said of Quinn's refusal to bring the issue to a vote.
Here's an argument in favor of more paid sick leave: according
On Thursday, City Council Speaker Christine Quinn basically killed the paid
The business-backed Partnership for New York City released a survey that
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