This is part of a statewide effort to restore water habitats.
Oysters and ribbed mussels were spotted Barnacle Bike.
A historic 1920s racing schooner has been transformed with two bars, tons of oysters and some pretty amazing views of NYC.
Dollar oysters abound, as do some rare bivalves.
It's the island's first official restaurant.
For centuries, NYC was known for oysters.
It's an all-in-one tour of a night on out Japan, which might begin with some raw seafood and snacks, then continue to include a few drinks, and conclude with a hearty bowl of ramen.
Raw, fried, pickled, baked, broiled... How do you like them oysters?
The historic block-long street was jammed with neatly-dressed young men and women slurping oysters and getting wasted.
Thanks New York Times!
And The Farm on Adderley would like to show you how.
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