"They were drug dealers in white coats."
He allegedly altered the lab tests of people who had been boozing so they could continue receiving oxycodone painkillers.
This happened at a Queens pharmacy.
22 people have been charged with distributing marijuana and oxycodone, as well as illegal gambling and tax fraud.
Fraudulent prescriptions were made out to "Coach" and "Chanel."
They allegedly filled illegal prescriptions for drug runners, out of their medical practice.
A retired Queens doctor was arrested yesterday for allegedly selling 130 prescriptions for oxycodone.
He admitted to using the money to by oxycodone, according to a criminal complaint.
He allegedly stole a whopping 193,376 pills from the hospital.
A New Jersey man used the "It's cool, I'm a journalist" defense after a pharmacy refused to give him oxycodone.
Officials say Dr. Robert Terdiman has been accused of allegedly prescribing the addictive opoiod to fake patients who would sell them via the black market.
One time, the U.S. Attorney's office alleges, she sold oxycodone pills.
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