That's 3,700 people making quadruple what 1.8 million people do.
Officials believe that he skipped probation and is living in Turkey.
Disorderly conduct charges against the duo were dropped.
The lawsuit asserts that arresting protesters for no reason is part of a "pattern, policy, and practice of the NYPD misapplying the disorderly conduct statute to peaceful protesters in New York City."
The protester argued that "the police department demonstrated a pattern of sexual misconduct against female OWS activists."
"If these officers had been the least bit courteous, none of this would have happened."
Who now has an occu-fund for college.
Taxpayers have Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna to thank.
Rodriguez was wrongfully arrested and roughed up by cops on the night they forcibly evicted Occupy Wall Street from Zuccotti Park.
The FY 2015 budget sets aside $674 million to pay judgements and settlements for claims brought against the City.
A senior NYPD official at who was present during the arrests was unable to point out in videos of the event a single moment when any of the defendants committed any act of disorderly conduct.
Show up with a cash bucket, burnt-offerings or a sickle-and-hammer, and watch the madness unfold.
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