The MTA committed to upgrading its timekeeping systems after outrageous instances of overtime fraud were found.
"That's a pattern we have every reason to expect will continue.”
On at least two occasions, Caputo, 56, was rolling with his bowling league in Suffolk County while supposedly on the clock, according to cell phone data and records maintained by the bowling alley, prosecutors said.
That’s four times more when compared to the same period last year.
Four foremen earned $146,800 in extra pay in 2018 for the drive times, according to the IG's report.
A coworker apparently left a note after the damaged cord was found, 'To my fellow crazy co-workers: If you don't want cameras in the booths and wherever you work, don't cut the cord again.'
The head of the MTA is launching an investigation into "excessive" overtime payments shelled out to transit workers, following reports that some employees are taking home hundreds of thousands of dollars in extra pay.
The lawsuit alleges that Obama Administration overtime guidelines apply, despite one Texas judge's ruling.
"You are lucky to have this job," the driver's boss supposedly said when he complained.
Cops have reportedly made "several million dollars" in overtime.
Last year the city spent nearly double on overtime from what it spent when Bloomberg took office in 2002, with uniformed services receiving the most pay.
Nine of the twelve officers who have been sued 17 times or more are above the 85th percentile with respect to overtime earners.
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