"The police have to do their jobs, and they have to arrest people who deserve to be arrested. If somebody is openly injecting drugs on a city street, they should be arrested," the governor said.
There have been more than 500 fentanyl-related deaths in New York City this year.
"If people are going to use in a McDonald's bathroom, or they are going to use at home alone, people are going to continue to die unnecessarily."
One student who OD'd on Molly was initially given Triscuits by a friend.
Once cops bring a revived overdose victim into a hospital, little can be done to nudge them into a treatment program.
Two are in critical condition.
This was the first time the festival was held at the Jersey Shore and it might be the last.
During an overdose, opiate molecules attach themselves to the brain and slow a victim's breathing. Naloxone safely displaces these molecules.
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