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The money is undoubtedly arriving at a time when it’s urgently needed, as fatal drug overdoses in the five boroughs continue to break records.

Police and a girlfriend reportedly found him unconscious and unresponsive in his Spring Street apartment just after midnight today.

The 26-year-old producer left the Dream Hotel Downtown with a man who has been charged with moving her body, as well as two others.

Lyric McHenry had been celebrating her birthday with her sister and friends in lower Manhattan the night before her body was found in the Bronx.

Fatal drug overdoses rose once again in New York City last year, thanks in large part to growing fentanyl usage.

A 51-year-old was pronounced dead at 721 Fifth Avenue this morning.

The NYPD is scheduled to host a press conference regarding the K2 seizure at 3 p.m.

'There's at least six of them in front of my house right now. Two of them are lying on the street, the rest are zombies.'

Seven people who "seemed to be under the influence of something" outside Penn Station were rushed to the hospital Friday night, according to an FDNY spokesperson.

A prolific HBO producer was sentenced Tuesday to one year and a day in prison for his role in dragging a dead body into a Chelsea apartment in order to protect his drug dealer's "stash house."