During the peak of the city’s first wave, each extra minute added onto the average commute time for a given neighborhood correlated with an increase in the area’s daily case rate.
'The result is that right now though there are five consecutive loads of trains of people lined up and unable to leave the station. Serious safety issue.'
Operation Alienate People By Making This City Semi-Unlivable For Much Of The Population has clearly been a huge success!
"The children of the Amsterdam Houses have suffered from a blind eye turned towards them for decades."
The number of overcrowded studio apartments jumped 185% in eight years.
Weren't we supposed to have flying cars by now?
If you ever feel the need to describe your commute as a "nightmare," remember this video.
Some subway stations are getting so packed, the MTA may one day begin intermittently shutting down entrances.
Outside PS 199, via Google Street View It's no new news
“Crushed by crowds? Have to wait for more than one bus to
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