"Just the fact it says 'white' and 'privilege,' for some people that's all they need to see, and all of a sudden we're race-baiting or trying to get people to feel guilty."
The sketch about an inappropriate relationship between a student and a teacher has come under attack by fans online for its tone-deaf treatment of rape.
To understand the true breadth of the entities in this city that fume, slam and exhibit general outrage, we need examples. Who's getting blasted? Who isn't?
Are parents right to be outraged? Or can naked adults just party wherever?
After the NYPD learned that cannabis-flavored lollipops don't get you high, they were (faux) outraged: "Maybe we can slap them with a charge of lying to the public."
Is this the thanks we get for inventing the McRib?
Previously Milano Market called it an "honest mistake," but it seems that mistake has cost the employee his job: Milano confirmed that the "overzealous employee" has been fired.
A Milano Market employee said: "The person walked in and out really quickly so our person just made a mistake. The employee apologized immediately. It was an honest mistake."
"They advertise in all these commercials, 'Footlong, Footlong, Footlong,' and now I feel like an idiot," said Jason Leslie. Now he feels like an idiot, not when he was eating 50 Subway Footlongs a year.
The company has responded to the Footlong outrage by contradicting their own advertising campaign, and essentially shooting themselves in the foot in front of Subway aficionados all over the world.
Never deny the power of angry septuagenarians weaned on years of artificial color and flavor.
Hey, guys, maybe that Netflix price hike wasn't so bad, after all! The company's CEO sure doesn't seem to mind.
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