Outdoor drinking

That includes a bar in the Astoria neighborhood where hundreds flocked this weekend, as well as a strip club on Long Island.
Through the power of heat lamps, fire pits and wool blankets you can enjoy the elements while simultaneously staying warm.
While the weather outside is delightful, and as daytime drinking is now deemed un-frightful, there's only one place to go: Outside to drink.
Though it looked for a hot second like it would be legal to drink at the free Bryant Park movies this summer, that dream has faded.
After years of drinking on the sly, folks at Bryant Parks Monday night movie series will most likely be allowed to drink in the open this summer.
A new proposed by a state Assemblywoman would force bars with outdoor drinking areas to force customers inside at midnight on weekends and 11 p.m. on weeknights.
Bryant Park may suspend the city's puritanical drinking rules during the movie screenings this summer! What's next, legalized cigarette smoking?!
The scene last summer at the Pier 66 Maritime, with the
Rachel Citron's flickr Public drinking has long been the final frontier
Of course it's not literally the mother, for several obvious reasons—for one
Campbell Terrace Campbell Terrace: Summer's here (in spirit) and the time
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