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They’re urging emergency use authorization of the stockpiled drug, which is thought to reduce the symptoms of the extremely painful disease.

Some Electric Zoo attendees were already urging their fellow concert-goers to get tested, amid rumors that someone with COVID symptoms had used a fake vaccine card to get into the festival.

It’s unclear what sparked the current spike at Bedford Hills, but it is a reminder of how the virus preys on this congregate setting.

"Until there is a different plan, we are prepared to implement this plan," de Blasio said.

Over half of the people in the town to test positive for coronavirus in the last week are between 16 and 21.

The woman was described as being in her late 30s and as having contracted the virus while in Iran.

A 31-year-old emergency room doctor said all the fears about the coronavirus have caused a surge in people asking to be tested.

The briefing capped off a whirlwind week for Messonnier, who found herself the target of right-wing attacks after she delivered the most sobering warning to date about the coronavirus epidemic.

As of Monday morning, there were still no confirmed cases in New York City.

"I’m more worried about the xenophobia associated with this virus than bona fide infection. As soon as I’m released [from quarantine], I’m going out for dim sum."