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They've launched a Kickstarter for the project, which includes tons of rewards with signed posters and records from the likes of Animal Collective, the Dirty Projectors and Vampire Weekend.
"We just wanted to do celebrate. There's so much emotion and so much sadness for us and all these people that supported the store and put so much heart and creative energy into making it some kind of a place."
"We were squeezed on both sides," said co-owner Josh Madell of the planned June 25th shutdown.
There are still some spectacular spots left where you can fight for that one pristine gem in the used $1 bin. Here are our favorites.
There was one music nerd who was after a three-cassette set of Heatmister.
Other Music's Michael Stasiak and his pick Welcome to our newish
Time Out New York is telling secrets and talking about all the
After what seems like decades of dragging its feet, it really
Aziz Ansari and his friends are taking over Pianos tomorrow night. Todd
Gothamist just made a trip to our favorite record shop, Other Music,
And with a very un-Punk whimper CB's Hilly Kristal admits to the
So it's almost time to go home for the holidays, and you
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