While we weren't crazy about avoiding eye contact with the grumbling, chain-smoking masses outside the OTB on Delancey street, it looks even SADDER when it's dormant.
Flickr user JMazzolaa The closures of over 50 OTB locations in
A little OTB update: Yes, it's still dead and its employees
Mayor Bloomberg is dancing on the grave of OTB! Back in
Sorry, baby, no OTB in your future The State Senate failed
(via Digiart2001's flickr stream) [Update Below] So will the OTB shut
The beleaguered OTB might not be heading off to that great
Photograph by Triborough on Flickr The city's off-track betting operation says
After numerous near-death experiences, OTB looks to be going down that
Is it ever too young to start playing the ponies? What's
Photograph by Digiart2001 | jason.kuffer on Flickr Sure, NYC's Off-Tracking Betting
The government has laid out some conditions now that they've agreed
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