For this coffee shop roundup, we've selected some of our favorites in their respective neighborhoods, judging on all-around coffee quality, atmosphere and style.
Familiar anti-Islamic bigot Pamela Geller has sunk to a new low, with a blog post arguing that the children killed at the Oslo youth camp weren't so such innocent victims.
The lawyer for accused killer Anders Behring Breivik implied that he may seek an insanity plea for his "very cold" client: "This whole case has indicated that he's insane."
In a closed-door court hearing today, the Norwegian man accused of killing 68 people in a horrific violent rampage reportedly told the judge that two more terror cells exist in his organization.
The suspect in Friday's horrific terror attacks in Norway, who has been accused of killing at least 93 people, has confessed "to the factual circumstances" of the twin attacks, according to his lawyer.
Police have arrested and charged 32-year-old self-identified right wing Christian fundamentalist Anders Behring Breivik with coordinating the deadly attacks, which killed at least 91 people.
For the first time since 1936, the recipient of the Nobel Peace
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