The union that was formed on Staten Island is organizing outside of Albany.
The developers were converting the Bronx building known for its prominent History Channel billboard for a new charter school, and hired architect Sir David Adjaye for the $50 million redesign.
A photographer's requests for protective gear like mask and a press helmet went unheard during the pandemic and mass protests, according to the suit.
Between Thanksgiving and New Years in 2018, workers at the Staten Island facility suffered 63 recordable injuries, 17 of which were so severe that the employees never returned to work.
The building in East Flatbush has a long history of neglect and sketchy construction.
"It's a miracle we're alive."
Nine construction workers have died in NYC since January 1.
The hospital allegedly exposed workers to laundry contaminated with blood and body fluids.
Despite evidence that Lefevre and his bike were dragged some 70 feet by the driver, Leonardo Degianni—who sped away without stopping—Lefevre's family and attorney have been unable to get to that bicycle.
At least 12,000 people in the New York City area are living in unheated, Sandy-damaged homes, despite the respiratory and cardiovascular risks associated with doing so.
And now the OSHA is fining the Coney Island store for creating unsafe working conditions, busting out a 1911 Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire reference in the process.
Pull out your tiniest violin for the residents of a luxury building who chose to live right next to America's most prominent construction site.
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