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The NYPD broke up an illegally-operated ultra-Orthodox Yeshiva in Brooklyn this afternoon after receiving a tip about many children being inside.
At least four babies have been infected with herpes from mohels performing the metzitzah b’peh ritual since September 2019.
Nearly 100,000 Jews filled an arena and a stadium in New York and New Jersey yesterday to celebrate the Siyum HaShas.
The Hate Crime Task Force is investigating the incident.
'Anti-Semitism is a growing cancer that has been injected into the nation's body but in NY we will continue to stand united & with one voice condemn any & all acts of hatred and intolerance.'
Rabbi Hillel Handler, who has likened vaccination to “child sacrifice,” told the crowd that if you catch “measles, mumps and chickenpox, your chances of getting cancer, heart disease, and strokes goes down 60 percent.”
Residents of the Orthodox Jewish community in Borough Park, Brooklyn, in
"I'm very unhappy about it," de Blasio admitted yesterday.
An argument over a person hoverboarding inside a Kosher Jewish supermarket led to an alleged assault-by-peach and at least three arrests last week.
This is a huge victory for all herpes-riddled mohels and their supporters.
"Dead chickens, half dead chickens, chicken blood, chicken feathers, chicken urine, chicken feces."
"The government has an overriding interest in protecting infants who cannot speak for themselves."
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