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An ultra-Orthodox cantor has pleaded guilty to sexually abusing a teenage boy—and he's only facing months in jail as a result.
Nearly 10 months since ultra-Orthodox Jewish counselor Nechemya Weberman was convicted of sexual abuse, his victims are still being harassed and receiving death threats.
Now that we're down to just Bill de Blasio and Joe Lhota, both candidates are vying for the Hasidic voting block—and both have been willing to contradict and compromise themselves in pursuit of that.
Heshi Fried has unveiled his latest piece of intolerant poetry: "Boston MASSacre: G-d's response to America's 1st gay marriage state."
Considering our negative take on his vehicle, we were pretty surprised when the driver called us this week to thank us for writing about him.
The News reports that Nechemya Weberman, the ultra-Orthodox Jewish counselor found guilty of sexually abusing a teen, allegedly sexually abused at least 10 more teens and married women who he counseled.
A convicted child molester got a plea deal of two years, ensuring he'll be back on the streets in two months—this was after he professed his love to one of his victims in court.
One former Orthodox Jew on the show is in a committed relationship with a blond, Irish-Catholic girl from Arkansas: “She’s as shiksa as they come,” he said. “She’s f---king awesome!”
“The Internet is a good way to ruin marriages and families. We don’t want them there, period. It’s the wrong place for a Jewish girl to be...Socializing on Facebook could lead to the wrong things."
“There are thousands of [married] people in the community who are related and there’s no problem. It’s preposterous to say that because there’s a possibility of his parents being related, [Aron] would be crazy.”
Levi Aron's lawyer argued that his client is insane for multiple reasons: "He suffered a severe head injury as a young man. There's a history of schizophrenia. There's inbreeding in that community."
The airline that diverted a flight when a Jewish passenger started
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