Orthodox community

Jackson Township is accused of using land-use procedures to discourage growth of its Orthodox community.
"It's like a horse race where one horse comes from last to near the top. Nobody expected we’d even look at this guy; all of a sudden it's 'Whew!'
"[The governor] has lawfully exercised his power without religious animus to make sure we don’t find ourselves back where we were in March," Judge Kiyo Matsumoto said.
“This lawsuit is a last resort,” said Shlomo Werdiger, chairman of the board of Agudah Israel.
The county leads a list of 10 ZIP codes that now have the highest positivity rates in New York state.
The NYC Department of Health revealed earlier in the week they were trying to contain a cluster of cases in the area.
Reich has moved away from Borough Park to New Jersey, but still keeps an Orthodox home for her children.
A nine-year-old boy on his way to the temple in Williamsburg
A Brooklyn woman tells the Post she's on the receiving end
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