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The girl's cause of death is unknown, but parents of attendees at the upstate camp said they're worried COVID protocols weren't followed.

"It doesn’t look like the government is planning to do any enforcement, so they’re not too worried," said one parent.

"If it was in a Black community, he would've been arrested immediately. Even after the mayor and governor called for his arrest, for him not to be in police custody says something about the New York City police department."

“We’re going to celebrate,” one maskless man said, striding south on 13th Avenue dressed in traditional garb.

Violence and rage erupted in Borough Park for the second straight night on Wednesday, as police fell back.

"Nobody here has the virus," said a woman walking in Borough Park with her children on Tuesday. "The president got the virus, he recovered. There are medicines now."

Sources in the Orthodox medical community say that some healthcare providers in Borough Park are withholding COVID test results from public health authorities

"Your violent Nazi storm troopers are coming in here to violate us," one of the hecklers shouted.

“I was the only one here of 20 people wearing a mask,” said 70-year-old Chaim Krieger. “It’s just not central to their concern.”

Mayor Bill de Blasio warned Wednesday of an uptick in coronavirus cases within Borough Park, linked in part to a large wedding attended by members of Brooklyn's ultra-Orthodox community.