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'I think it's totally unacceptable anyone can be killed in an elevator in NYC in 2019. This is a completely preventable task.'

'The worst part was watching Valerie do everything possible in the past 40 years to prove that she was changed and worthy of release only to die in shackles.'

These sneaky pests are rampaging through my apartment, rubbing their spindly antennae on the counters, probing the bathroom for chunks of tooth paste.

A Brooklyn woman says she was bashed in the head by NYPD officers who were violently breaking up a family event at the Marcy Houses in Brooklyn this weekend.

The vast majority of New York and New Jersey immigrants who are arrested by ICE end up in publicly-run county jails in overwhelmingly Democratic Essex, Hudson and Bergen counties.

After spying in mosques for two years, an undocumented immigrant decided he’s had enough. Now he risks deportation.

'I’m on the subway with the happiest conductor… The #MTA is sometimes redeemable,' a passenger tweeted after Burton asked riders to 'let passengers in so everyone can ride the choo choo.'

'My job is to get out there and sort of make my own luck.'