Orange county

An undersheriff for the Orange County jail called the allegations about poor conditions ‘lies,’ and said specific accusations of racism and abuse will be investigated.
That'll do, outstanding character actor. That'll do.
Her attorneys say his death was an accident.
If it's not one potential ACLU lawsuit, it's another.
The park run by a Hasidic enclave in Orange County, will now be subject to strict NYCLU and ACLU oversight, thanks to a lawsuit that was settled this week.
Women are allegedly relegated to red equipment while men can only use blue equipment.
If you own child pornography, you might want to make sure it is well packed when you are moving. Just ask (now former) NYPD auxiliary cop Daniel Sayer.
Fortunately for NYPD's finest equine officers, a former New York Corrections employee and farrier is immortalizing their gorgeous forms through art.
Plane crash in Orange County (MyFoxNY) Yesterday afternoon, two small single-engine
Kiryas Joel (Wiki). Did you know that the poorest town in
Today in Orange County, police have resumed the search for Laura
In case there has been any ambiguity up until this point, Michael
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