Lindsay Lohan in the role of a lifetime!
The baby sleeps in a basket on the nightstand!
That time Tipper Gore led parents into a nationwide fight against the Beasties Boys.
Was it too soon for Whitney Houston's family members to go on national television to discuss the singer's death?
"I didn't know I was more Hasidic Jew than I thought."
The former talk show host with well-documented weight issues sat down with notoriously rotund New Jersey Governor Chris Christie for a far ranging discussion. They even talked about being the butt of fat jokes!
Great American Stoner Novelist Jonathan Franzen confirmed yesterday that he is indeed adapting his 2001 National Book Award-winner The Corrections into a four-season HBO series.
Oprah Winfrey filmed one of her finale episodes of The Oprah Winfrey show in Chicago yesterday, and it was a show-stopper full of Oprah-centric praise (ofco).
Michael Douglas told Oprah today that his wife Catherine Zeta-Jones was
You didn't think Oprah Winfrey was going to end her long-running
Beloved spectacles enthusiast Tina Fey has had a busy month, between
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