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City officials are debating a pilot program that would pay people to help keep needles off of sidewalks and out of parks.

The two centers will allow people to use drugs such as heroin under the care of medical professionals, while giving them access to addiction treatment and other services.

The synthetic opioid was found in nearly one in 10 bags of coke seized by the NYPD in April.

Joseph Recca, a three-year veteran of the NYPD, was released without bail but must wear an electronic monitoring anklet.

The governor's approach to combating the opioid epidemic is full of "watered down, under-funded and ultimately half-steps that do not go far enough," according to advocates.

'We've said to the police we don't care for them to be arrested, we're not looking for them to be thrown in jail. What we really just would like them to do is go away.'