Opioid epidemic

NYC officials have millions of dollars from legal settlements that they can immediately spend to fight the opioid crisis. But they have not revealed any detailed plans, even as local nonprofits struggle for funding.
At a press conference on Wednesday, Deputy Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen was repeatedly asked why the Sacklers were allowed to keep a large portion of their reported fortune, given that much of it came directly from Purdue.
Around 28,500 people are enrolled in methadone clinics across the city.
'They are forcing parole violators to make the choice between keeping their lifesaving medication or going to prison for a lengthy sentence.'
'We've said to the police we don't care for them to be arrested, we're not looking for them to be thrown in jail. What we really just would like them to do is go away.'
The centers will be located inside current needle exchange facilities in Washington Heights, Midtown West, Longwood, and Park Slope.
Three-quarter houses exist somewhere between regulated halfway houses and actual homes, but residents say that when they get shut down, they have nowhere else to turn.
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