A lot has changed in Mike Birbiglia's world since we last saw him live in early 2016...
The Object Lesson is an engrossing experience that pushes the conventional boundaries of what makes theater theater.
We really hope they clean that water tank regularly.
Their latest immersive theatrical adventure unfolds in lower Manhattan.
If you can score tickets...
I was hanging around a crowded bar in Gowanus one recent Friday night when three women wearing earth-tone cloaks drifted in and started ringing a bell.
The water appears to be fine.
Got plans Tuesday or Thursday night?
In the Christian catechism, Christ is the ultimate puppet, a perfect instrument for the Divine Puppeteer to tell a revolutionary story for the ages.
Caryl Churchill's new play Love and Information examines our civilization's lust for information, our inability to process it, and our loss of secrecy and privacy.
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