Operation impact

Whites were more likely to be victims of grand larceny and petit larceny than other racial groups.
"I don't see what the officers could have done any differently," Kelly said.
Two officers on routine foot patrol, both recent graduates of the police academy, encountered an armed suspect in the Bronx.
Police Commissioner Ray Kelly has credited NYPD initiatives like Operation Crew Cut and Operation Impact for the murder rate decline.
There may be fewer cops on the force, but productivity is
Flickr user lempkin Top NYPD officers were apparently chewed out in
Under Mayor Bloomberg's proposed city budget, the number of NYPD officers
Last week, Mayor Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Ray Kelly announced that,
Not only is the NYPD having trouble getting potential recruits to sit
Given that ridership is at record highs, the MTA and police are
While announcing that overall felony crime in 2007 is down 6%
About 14% of new police recruits have dropped out of the latest
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