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It's unclear how Union County authorities came to suspect McGillvary, but they say he cut his hair to evade the authorities.

"Exiting print is an extremely difficult moment for all of us who love the romance of print and the unique weekly camaraderie of those hectic hours before the close on Friday night," Tina Brown said.

Of course white collar workers have gone and figured out how to game the online-ordering site Seamless to get the most bang from their corporate overlords buck.

You can now track Sad Panda via Twitter and Facebook!

Hey, guys, maybe that Netflix price hike wasn't so bad, after all! The company's CEO sure doesn't seem to mind.

Netflix announced yesterday that they're implementing separate plans for streaming and physical disc borrowing and nearly doubling their prices. And boy howdy, the world is pissed!

Your days of enjoying a combo plan of getting a disc or two via those red envelopes in the mail and streaming content from Netflix are numbered, kids.

If every Tweet were a blue dot, here's how blue Manhattan would look.

The 17-year-old girl who shared private Twitter direct messages with Rep. Anthony Weiner once publicly Tweeted, "Seriously talking to Representative Weiner from New York right now! Like is my life real?"