One world trade

Nothing's more attractive to a corporate behemoth than the sweet smell of desperation.
A rushing water leak led to smoke and stuck elevators near the top of 1 WTC this afternoon.
Tuesday's steamy weather finally gave way to a severe electrical storm late last night, which in turn gave us some very extreme videos of lightning striking the spire atop One World Trade.
Betty and Vern, who normally live at Jenkinson's Aquarium in New Jersey, visited the One World Observatory.
Check out video of lightning striking the spire, and just try not to get The Clash's song "Lightning Strikes (Not Once But Twice)" stuck in your head.
The eco-friendly commercial development company behind One World Trade Center is proposing a plan to compost food from residents' kitchens.
The battle to run the observation deck at the World Trade Center, expected to pull in annual profits in excess of $60 million, is heating up.
One World Trade is now the tallest building in town and its completion is (distantly) within sight. Which means it is about time to figure out who will run the tower's observation deck!
Even if it looks a little short to some, there is no denying the fact that One World Trade is now the biggest building in town.
The Empire State Building made a point of going white this weekend, but at least one structure in the city went and honored newly-anointed Cardinal Dolan with some red lights.
The Port Authority has nixed plans to put prismatic glass panels on the base of One World Trade after finding the panels difficult to produce.
One World Trade Center, January 13, 2011 (via Ryan Budhu's flickr).
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