One percent

If you're a Gulf state oil baron you're gonna want to CHECK THIS OUT!
But this isn't necessarily good news for you and me.
Compensation for presidents at private, nonprofit colleges continues to soar. Five of the top 20 highest paid college CEOs are making bank right here in New York.
But the shop owner insists it's his First Amendment right to be a racist!
The Occupy Wall Street activists who were arrested for affixing "Priority Seating For The 1%" stickers to various subways made one mistake—they let NY1 film them pulling their stunt. [Update Below]
If you didn't know already, this sticker, spotted on the L train, makes it abundantly clear that real Americans ain't welcome in the subway.
Virgin Atlantic spent $7 million renovating their JFK airport "Clubhouse," where you can kill time before your flight in a luxuriant modern utopia that just "oozes uptown style," as the press release puts it.
If the world's income disparity was transposed to a walking map of NYC, it would take a long time to walk from the middle to the top.
If you make close to $500,000, you're a 1% in NYC.
They're cracking: In this funny video, a businessman goes all American Psycho on a handful of Occupy Wall Street protesters near Zuccotti Park.
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