The number of official cases started creeping up again at the same time that the positivity rate was trending down. Was it due to at-home tests skewing trends or something else?
Other jurisdictions are reporting success with self-test reporting, but moving from pandemic to endemic could mean getting used to not knowing exactly where coronavirus infections are thriving.
The iconic oceanside neighborhoods experienced a fatality rate nearly three times the citywide average.
Official testing numbers have been cut nearly in half over two weeks. Last year, a similar drop took six months.
As of Sunday, the hospital had only 1 in 10 beds available, and its ICU was completely full.
The increasing COVID cases are causing both staff and student absences.
A new report says New York City’s restaurant, retail, and recreation sectors account for about 9% of the country’s total job losses during the pandemic.
Although the mayor said low-income Black and brown students were the most in need of in-person learning, a Gothamist analysis found schools with the most minorities had lower attendance on Monday and Tuesday than schools with whiter student bodies.
With public schools slated to resume in-person learning on Monday, time is of the essence.
Amid the spike in calls over fevers and coughs, 30% of the city’s emergency medical services staff were out sick as of Wednesday.
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