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La Chula in Harlem is the site of this tequila-soaked taco feast.

Though the space is double the size of the original, the meal still consists of 12 pieces of sushi for $58, gratuity included.

We spoke with Tempest about the oddness of being "one of the few," the continued rise of sushi in NYC, and why feeling the fish is so important as both a chef and a diner.

The phrase "almost too beautiful to eat" has never been more true at this Japanese kaiseki-style restaurant in a below-ground space on West 47th Street.

Guests will be served between 18-20 courses before the evening's concluded.

Daisuke Nakazawa spent 11 years under the tutelage of Japan's most revered sushi master; now the trainee becomes the boss at his new West Village temple to fresh fish.