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Tokyo is hosting the 2020 Olympics, and Hello Kitty and Doraemon will also be involved.

Police now believe that Ryan Lochte's gunpoint robbery claim was a story to cover up an incident he and teammates had with security at a gas station.

A judge ordered Lochte's passport be confiscated while they investigate his robbery claims.

She won her first round Monday morning, then lost her second.

If you're not heading to Rio, we've got the next best thing right here.

Officials say a passenger aboard an Istanbul-bound Ukrainian flight claimed he had a bomb and tried to divert the plane to Sochi.

The day of her death, Reeva Steenkamp went to a store to buy wrapping paper for Pistorius's gift.

Neighbors say they heard screaming; police say there have been previous calls about domestic incidents.

We may not have won in our 2012 Olympic bid, but we still beat London in terms of tourism.