Oliver stone

"Don't go easy on what you think is wrong. Think internationally. There are other values beside our little echo bowl we have there."
"In the movie Wall Street I played Gordon Gekko, a greedy corporate executive who cheated to profit while innocent investors lost their savings. The movie was fiction, but the problem is real."
"Those who can, build," New York's master builder Robert Moses once said. "Those who can't, criticize." And then there are those who fetishize powerful white father figures and make movies about them, like Oliver Stone.
We guess the Madoff movie has some competition! Oliver Stone is
Death Proof (directed by Quentin Tarantino) A Quentin Tarantino movie is 20
The prolific journalist and author David Halberstam died yesterday in a car
February 10th and 17th, class is in session at the UCB Theater.
There is tons of speculation all over the Internet about the Oscar
With four weeks until the fifth anniversary of September 11, lots of
Oliver Stone may have already unleashed on moviegoers his melodramatic vision of
Oliver Stone's sure-to-be-controversial World Trade Center movie opens this Wednesday in New
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